A Lifetime to Remember

It seems like whenever I tell a friend or former colleague whom I haven’t seen in awhile what I’m doing, she also has a story about caring for elderly family members and how that has changed her life.  One of those people, who used the experience to start her own transformative journey, is Shirley Cox Knipp.

Shirley has had a long, successful career as a commercial, interior designer, and she is still involved in that field.  She is also responsible for caring for her mother, and she spends a lot of time with her and her neighbors in her assisted living facility.   In addition to learning more about her mother’s story, she has heard many wonderful stories from her mother’s friends and neighbors. Sometimes, she learns things that their own family members never knew, or have long since forgotten.  This got Shirley thinking about how these stories can be captured, both for the benefit of the elder, who loves the opportunity to reminisce, and for friends, current family members and those who will follow. 

Shirley will conduct a series of interviews with your elderly family member, in which she will ask what they want their descendents to know about their life, times and family.  What have they learned, and what advice would they give?  Shirley will then compose the story and deliver it in a bound book that is destined to become an heirloom for generations to come.

About 10 years before my grandmother passed away, my mother had a friend conduct a series of interviews with her that were captured on cassette tape.  I am fortunate to have these tapes, but I know that I need to have them digitized or transcribed, or they will be lost forever.  If you are interested in the service Shirley provides as a way to keep these memories forever, please contact Shirley Cox Knipp at 480-993-9182.

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