Testimonial of Melanie Campbell  with respect to the value of her father’s Life Care Plan to her and her family:

I knew Marsha Goodman from her prior life as one of the most influential women in business and her incredible reputation. When I needed help with my fathers estate planning her name came highly recommended to me and I hired her to help me with the complicated matters related to elder care estate planning and healthcare. As soon as we started our journey, I knew I was in capable hands.

Marsha helped with VA benefits, family law, land issues, family relations, taxes and healthcare options. When the issues became complicated Marsha helped me understand in understandable terms, when things were difficult she helped with the burden.

To have help during this time was invaluable to me and I cannot imagine navigating everything during this time without her.

Feel free to contact me for more detail.

Melanie Campbell                                                                                                                                                                           

Testimonial of Lois Michaud Tomson with respect to high quality services rendered by Marsha Goodman, Attorney and Anne Resnick, Elder Care Coordinator

My mother is 91 years old and suffered a stroke in April of 2011.  I came from Australia, where I work as a University professor, to be with Mom for 10 weeks.  When I arrived, things were very stressful both from an emotional perspective and because I found it very difficult to negotiate the multiple complexities of the health care system, health insurance, Veteran’s Administration and options for financing of expenses.  As I went about seeking information, I felt quite uncertain regarding who I could trust and was concerned about Mom being taken advantage of financially.  After a referral from the attorney who had previously prepared Mom’s Will, I made an appointment to meet with Marsha Goodman and Anne Resnick.

During the initial appointment, I was impressed with their organisation and thorough pre-preparation.  I appreciated their careful listening and supportive understanding of the emotional duress of the situation.  During this meeting, I felt that all of my questions were intelligently answered and, although there was no pressure to do so, employed Marsha and Anne that same day.

Since that time, I can say that the cost of their services has been an excellent value-for-money investment, particularly in light of my being in another country. The planning that they did to look ahead at the options for Mom’s late years of life was thorough and meticulous, as well as presented in an organised and easy-to-follow resource.  They relieved me of having to seek out substantial information and resources and, importantly, I felt that I was getting knowledgeable and reliable advice.  They were so accommodating in terms of organising meetings and information- sharing sessions at Mom’s house rather than asking me to take her out.  Both during the time that I was in the USA and since returning to Australia, I have found that their communication is regular and efficient.  They are promptly responsive to phone calls and e-mails and there has been valuable, continued advice regarding Mom’s issues as they continue to unfold.

Marsha and Anne have followed through on everything they said they would do and it has made a truly meaningful difference to both Mom and me.  Based on the experiences described above and on their highly professional and ethical behaviour, I would be very quick to recommend their services to others.


Lois Michaud Tomson, PhD
School of Education and Professional Studies
Griffith University, Mt Gravatt Campus
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

I live in California, and my brother and sister, who live in Arizona, did not have the time, or the expertise, to attempt to file a claim for VA benefits for my elderly father, who was a decorated Marine in World War II.  Marsha Goodman helped my family apply for Veteran’s Administration Aid and Assistance for him.  We simply couldn’t afford his expensive assisted living care, were out of options and at our wit’s end until we found Marsha.  Other services promised to walk us through the VA application process, but just didn’t deliver, said it would take 9-12 months, or were ridiculously expensive.  Marsha got to work immediately, sat down with my father, helped in filling out all the requisite paperwork, advised us expertly throughout the process and successfully helped us secure the maximum benefit amount from the VA in three months, all for a very reasonable fee.  We were relieved and delighted, and would highly and unhesitatingly recommend Marsha Goodman’s excellent services to anyone.

“I am an accounting professor at a major university, but when it came to sorting out all the different types of care for my elderly parents, it was like navigating through a maze!  After meeting with my family, Marsha Goodman was able to help us understand all of the medical and living arrangement options that were available.  She then delivered very specific suggestions that best fit our unique situation.  She provided detail information on everything from Medicare and nursing homes,  and even helped us with VA!…and she kept a strategic perspective with respect to legacy issues as well.  But what I like most was that Marsha knew how to relate to my parents and didn’t inundate or scare them with too many facts and figures all at once.”

Steve G. Green, DBA

Effective August 15, 2012, Marsha was invited to join the Community Giving Cabinet for Banner Alzheimer’s Institute and the BAI Breakthrough campaign. Jerre Stead, Chairman of the Banner Alzheimer’s Foundation Board of Directors, announced Marsha’s addition to the Cabinet, along with several other community leaders:
• Dr. Merick (Rick) and Tammy Kirshner – Dr. Kirshner is a Cardio-Thoracic Surgeon and their family has been affected by Alzheimer’s. The couple has generously offered to host a reception on September 20th at their Paradise Valley home to introduce their friends and colleagues to BAI.
• Marc Miles – Marc lives in Denver, Colorado but owns Hospice of the West here in Phoenix. Hospice of the West has agreed to be a presenting sponsor of the 2012 A Night To Remember.
• Cheryl Hintzen-Gaines – Cheryl and her husband, Ira, are very active philanthropists in Arizona and we are pleased to have her join the Cabinet.
• Donald Smith – Don is CEO of SCF Arizona. He is extremely active in the Arizona business community and recently was the chair of GPEC. His family has been affected by Alzheimer’s and he’s passionate about being involved.
• Sue Navran – Sue is an Executive Vice President at Blue Cross Blue Shield Arizona and she is already working hard to recruit additional volunteers to the Campaign Cabinet.
• Richard & Robin Milne – Robin has recently taken on the role of Executive Director of Suns Charities, and Richard is the Chairman of HUB International, as well as President & CEO of BNC Insurance Services. Richard and Robin are also on the Banner Alzheimer’s Foundation Board.
• Marsha Goodman – Marsha is a Life Care Planning attorney and is extremely active in the senior living community. We are thrilled to have her join the campaign.