Adult Day Care Can Make a Difference

Dad’s been living with you since Mom died a year ago. You notice that he seems to be having short-term memory problems – he’s forgetting to take his medications, his hygiene isn’t what it used to be and the other day he took a walk and had trouble finding his way home. You’re concerned he may be depressed and still grieving, or perhaps just lonely. You want him to remain as independent as possible, but you want him to be safe. However, you need to work. What’s the answer?

An article in the Valley & State section of the Sunday, December 23 Arizona Republic ( highlights the benefits of adult day care for people with memory loss, disabled adults with traumatic brain injuries or other disabilities or seniors who can’t stay home alone, as well as their caregivers who may need to work, or may just need some respite from caregiving. People can stay for the day, or just a few hours. Adult day care centers offer nursing supervision and medical monitoring, recreational and physical activities, socialization and companionship, meals and community outings.

There are many centers around the Phoenix area that provide adult day care, such as Foundation for Senior Living ( or through the City of Phoenix ( Most are private pay, but there are programs that provide scholarships, John C. Lincoln Day Health Care ( is one, or some are covered by the Arizona Long Term Care (ALTCS) program ( These programs can make the difference between living at home or needing facility placement, or they can provide added stimulation to those who reside in assisted living.


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