Another way to remind you to prepare your Advance Directives!

Pretty much everyone who works with seniors, not to mention attorneys and medical service providers who work with all adults, at all ages, have written innumerable articles, blog posts and social media messages to get the word out that everyone needs to prepare a Healthcare Power of Attorney and other Advance Directives.

If you don’t have your documents in place, there may be a state law (known as a surrogacy statute) that lists family members and friends, in order of priority, who can make end-of-life decisions for you, if you are unable to make, or communicate them, for yourself. Some states don’t have these statutes, which means the decision is left to the hospital’s medical ethics committee, or to the courts.  And even if your state has a  law like this, it might name a spokesperson for you who does not share your views.

Despite the importance of these decisions, only about 30% of adults have documented their desires regarding end of life care, or have appointed a healthcare agent to make the decision at that time.

If part of the reason is that we “talking heads” don’t get your attention,  a physician has prepared a video of his hip hop tune that expresses it in another way.  I encourage  you, and all of your loved ones, to check out:  It might be the best thing I’ve seen on this topic.

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