A New Kind of Employment Discrimination?

More and more employees are finding that they need to take time away from their jobs to care for their elderly loved ones.  It may be for a short time around a medical crisis, or they may need to provide ongoing care services to someone who is unable … [Continue reading]

Keeping Track of Your Pension

Although more and more employers are switching from defined benefit plans to IRA's and  401(k)s, many Baby Boomers did spend part of their careers at companies that offered a pension as part of the compensation package.    Now that they are getting … [Continue reading]

Help for Financial Caregivers

A couple of weeks ago,  my post described some holiday gifts and services that can help relieve stress for physical caregivers. Those of us who are charged with assisting our loved ones with their finances may find that responsibility stressful as … [Continue reading]

Remember the Caregivers During this Holiday Season

Thoughts of the upcoming holidays encourage many of us to anticipate spending time with family and friends to revisit established traditions and enjoy our favorite foods. Unfortunately,  people who serve as caregivers for loved ones with Dementia … [Continue reading]

When Screening Tests are No Longer Called For

The guidelines for when women should have screening mammograms was recently in the news again, when the American Medical Association recommended that regular testing for women with no known risk factors should not start until age 45, rather than the … [Continue reading]

What to do When Dad Shouldn’t Drive

One of the toughest conversations we have - or dread having - when someone we love has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease or other dementia is the discussion about whether that person can continue to drive.  For gentlemen of a certain age, the … [Continue reading]

Arbitration Agreements in Nursing Home Contracts

As anyone who has had to admit a loved one to a nursing home knows, the contracts are long and full of "legalese" and fine print, especially when you consider the stressful situation that has brought you to be reviewing that contract in the first … [Continue reading]

Another way to remind you to prepare your Advance Directives!

Pretty much everyone who works with seniors, not to mention attorneys and medical service providers who work with all adults, at all ages, have written innumerable articles, blog posts and social media messages to get the word out that everyone needs … [Continue reading]

Is Dementia a Service-Connected Injury for Gulf-Region Veterans?

  As an Elder Law attorney, I don't see as many WWII veterans as I used to, since fewer and fewer of them are still with us.  Instead, more and more of my fellow baby-boomers who are Viet Nam veterans are coming to my office for assistance.  … [Continue reading]

Should Medicare Coverage Start Sooner?

Mark Miller, a columnist for Reuters (www.reuters.com), suggested in a column posted on June 18 that it might save our stressed healthcare system money if Medicare coverage started at a younger age. He quotes the research of Dr. Linda Fried, dean … [Continue reading]

Guys and their Moms

Political Reporter Paul Singer filed an opinion piece in yesterday's USA Today  about the challenges of providing care for our aging parents.  As Mr. Singer pointed out, this topic has replaced  jobs, dates, cars, real estate and kids as the subject … [Continue reading]

Getting the Most out of your Healthcare Directive

Even with so much increased publicity in recent years about the importance of choosing a healthcare agent and documenting our wishes for medical treatment at the end of life, only about one-third of adults have prepared a healthcare power of attorney … [Continue reading]

Elder Abuse Big and Small

When the U.S.  Senate Special Committee on Aging held its first hearing a couple of months ago, the topic was "Broken Trust: Combating Financial Exploitation of Vulnerable Seniors."   Committee Chair Susan Collins (R-ME), who shares my alma mater of … [Continue reading]

Meeting the Person With Dementia Where She Is

Those of us who work with seniors experiencing dementia have long been counseled to meet our patients, clients and loved ones where they are.  If they believe they are still living in the town in which they grew up, we enter into that conversation as … [Continue reading]