Creating a Caregiving Corps

An article in the most recent BIFOCAL, which is the Journal of the American Bar Association’s Commission on Law and Aging, Janice Lynch Schuster, of the Center for elder Care and Advanced Illness, suggests that we could go a long way toward solving our caregiver crisis by creating a Caregiving Corps.  Following the model of the Peace Corps, VISTA and Teach for America, Ms. Schuster suggests that we recruit high school graduates who are not otherwise trained for the workforce; college gradates with debt and limited career prospects; and older adults who want to remain in the workforce to sign up for a year or two of service.

Ms. Schuster suggests that the volunteers be assigned to community based organizations like the Area Agency on Aging or other social services agencies. Once in place, perhaps they might provide caregiver services to recipients on Medicaid, or develop programs to provide transportation in remote areas.  Those of us who work in the senior services field know that the need for talented workers  – especially those with energy and enthusiasm  – is virtually endless.

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