Electronic Access for your Healthcare Wishes

My clients frequently ask me if there is  somewhere where they can file or register their advance directives, so they can be sure that health care providers can find them when they are needed.

Several private companies and state governments have established registries provide this service. (The on-line directory in Arizona can be found at www.azsos.gov/adv_dir/.  These services are not widely used, perhaps because people are uncomfortable storing these very personal, sensitive documents in the “cloud.” There is also the concern that the desired audience won’t know to look there, or that previous versions of documents that have since been updated, will be relied upon by mistake.

Some folks at the Commission on Aging are also working on a smartphone app called My Health Care Wishes.  This would give people the ability to store their own advance directives, and the directives of their family members, and to send them directly to healthcare providers by e-mail or Bluetooth.  This app would allow each individual to store the documents he or she needs on a tool that most of us have right at hand all the time.

If you are interested in learning more, or in putting this app to work for you right now, go to www.MyhealthcareWishes. org.

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