Federal Research Grant awarded to BAI

Many of our elder law clients and families are coping with a dementia diagnosis and several have benefited greatly from the diagnostic, treatment and support services of the Banner Alzheimer’s Institute (BAI) here in Phoenix. So it was exciting to learn that BAI is the recipient of a $33.2 million federal grant, part of the government’s national Alzheimer’s plan to help finance a clinical trial beginning in 2015. The trial will test treatment on people 60 to 75 years of age who have no symptoms of Alzheimer’s, but do have two copies of a gene, ApoE4, known to greatly increase the risk of Alzheimer’s as they age.

“The idea is to approach Alzheimer’s with a strategy similar to that used for heart disease and other conditions, said Laurie Ryan, program director for Alzheimer’s disease clinical trials at the National Institute on Aging. “If we intervene now [before symptoms become apparent], can we prevent or at least delay the disease?” With our aging baby boomer population, it’s ever more important to look beyond treatment, which hasn’t been very successful to date, to prevention of this devastating disease. Take a few minutes to register with the Alzheimer’s Prevention Initiative.








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