Help for Financial Caregivers

A couple of weeks ago,  my post described some holiday gifts and services that can help relieve stress for physical caregivers.

Those of us who are charged with assisting our loved ones with their finances may find that responsibility stressful as well.  And it can become even more challenging when  we discover signs of financial abuse and exploitation.

In an October, 2013, post, I provided the link for the  guide for financial caregivers published by the Office for Older Americans of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, called Managing Someone Else’s Money.  The guide walks agents under  powers of attorney, court appointed conservators, trustees, representative-payees for Social Security benefits and fiduciaries for VA benefits through their duties, and tells them where to go for help. The guide can be found at

Since both the rules for financial caregivers and the available resources vary across the country, the Office of Older Americans is beginning to publish state-specific guides.  Editions for Florida and Virginia are already available, and guides will soon be launched to help caregivers in Georgia, Illinois, Oregon and Arizona, which is the state in which I practice.

And because there are 44 more states that still don’t have guides tailored to their laws, the website now includes  tips and templates that professionals in those states  can use to adapt the guide to their requirements.

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