Important Numbers for Medicare and Medicaid in 2014

As a result of the Cost of Living Increase for Social Security and other federal benefits, several key numbers for Medicaid Long Term Care (ALTCS here in Arizona) and Medicare have changed for 2014 as well.


Maximum Income for Long Term Care Eligibility: $2,163

Minimum Community Spouse Resource Assessment (“CSRA”): $23,448

Maximum CSRA: $117,240.

Minimum Monthly Needs Allowance: $1891.25 (through 7/1/14)

Maximum Monthly Needs Allowance: $2,931

Maximum Home Equity Allowance: $814,000


Medicare Premiums, Deductibles and Co-Pays

Basic Part B Premium: $104.90 (no change)*

Part B Deductible: $147 (no change)

Part A Deductible: $1,216

Co-Pay for hospital stays of 1 – 60 days: 0 after payment of deductible

Co-Pay for hospital stays,  days 61-90: $304/day

Co-Pay for hospital stays, days 91 +: $608/day

Skilled Nursing Facility Co-pay, days 21 – 100: $152/day (No co-pay for days 1-20)

* Higher premiums may apply to individuals with annual incomes greater than $85,000 or married couples with annual incomes greater than $170,000 OR those who did not sign up for Part B when first eligible.  For more information, go to www.Medicare.gove/your medicare-costs/costs at a glance.




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