May is Older Americans Month

May has been designated as Older Americans Month. 

This year’s theme is “Never Too Old to Play,”  which highlights the importance of staying active, both mentally and physically. We have all seen the articles about the importance of exercise, and of socializing, to maintaining our mental health. (A recent article also said that housework and gardening might be as beneficial as golfing and playing bridge, but what fun is that?!)  

As with any exercise program, for any reason, what is most important is finding something your enjoy so that you will stick with it.  I have previously reported in this blog about my own experience as a competitive power lifter, a sport to which I was introduced through Senior Olympics. (Go to to learn about that organization in Arizona, and for links to the Senior Olympics site for your state.)  Senior olympics invites people over 50 to engage in friendly competition in the sport they enjoy, as a way to maintain physical and mental health.  Once I got my feet wet through Senior Olympics, I learned that I can compete against my own age group in all sorts of competitions, which opened the door for me to compete, and make new friends, in competition events throughout the Mountain West.

What will you do to play this month?  I would love to hear your stories!



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