Medicare Co-Pays and Deductibles Increase in 2011

If  you have had to use Medicare for a hospital stay this year, you probably noticed that the co-pays and deductibles have increased. Here is a quck summary:

Medicare Part A Deductible:   $1,132  (was $1,110 in 2010)

Co-pay for hospital stay, days 61-90: $283/day   (was $275/day in 2010)

Co pay for hospital stay, days 91-150: $566/day  (was $550/day in 2010)     Remember that the patient pays 100% after day 150)

Skilled nursing facility co-pay, days 21-100: $141.50/day (was $137.50/day in 2010.     There is still no co-pay for days 1-20)

The Basic Part B premium is still $96.40/month unless those premiums were not withheld from your social security check in 2010, in which case the premium will be $115.40 in 2011.  Also, the Part B deductible has increased to $162 in 2011, from $155 in 2010.

Supplemental insurance policies that cover your co-pays and deductibles should be offsetting these increases, although you may find that premiums have increased, as well.

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