Remember the Caregivers During this Holiday Season

Thoughts of the upcoming holidays encourage many of us to anticipate spending time with family and friends to revisit established traditions and enjoy our favorite foods.

Unfortunately,  people who serve as caregivers for loved ones with Dementia may look forward to the holiday season with dread. Visitors and celebrations can disrupt the routines that have been carefully established for that loved one, and the awareness that our loved one no longer knows that “this is what we have always done in this family” can cause stress and anxiety for everyone.

If you care about someone who is caring for someone with dementia, think about gifts that will ease the burden they must carry every day. How about assistance paying for respite care or transportation for the person who can no longer drive? Maybe you can pay for a cleaning service, or set up regular delivery of groceries and prepared meals. If the caregiver can get out, would she enjoy movie tickets or  a spa day?  If not, she might appreciate an Amazon gift card or Netflix subscription for some welcome distraction at the end of the day.

While the patient often has a whole team of professionals and family members focused on his or her care, the family caregiver may feel like she is facing this struggle alone. Especially during the holidays, when we are continually reminded of the importance of families, please remember to let the people you care about who are serving as primary caregivers know that you value what they do.



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