Protecting Against Identity Theft

David Godfrey, Senior Attorney on the American Bar Associations Council on Law and Aging, published an excellent list of resources available to help protect against identity theft in the June issue of BiFocal (an acronym for Bar Associations in Focus on Aging and the Law).

As Mr. Godfrey says, dentity theft has become so commonplace that it is critical for all of us to know how to protect against it and how to respond when it happens. The Federal Trade Commission has posted several new resources on how
to spot identity theft and what victims should do.

1. “Taking Charge: What to Do If Your Identity Is Stolen” is a handbook with tips about protecting your information. It includes instructions, sample forms, and letters to help recover from theft. (

2. “Safeguarding Your Child’s Future” is a guide to help parents and guardians protect a child’s information and repair damage caused by theft. (

3. “Identity Theft: What To Know, What To Do” is a brochure covering the basics: how to avoid and respond to identity theft. (

All of these resources are available in both English and Spanish. They are free and available online at, or you can order print copies, free of charge, from that Web site.

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