Several Foundations Funding Research to Increase Understanding of Long Term Services and Supports

Readers of ths Blog are probably aware that Medicare does not cover most of the long term care that seniors need, and Medicaid only covers those services for individuals with low incomes and minimal assets.   Private Long Term Care Insurance may help, but premiums are increasingly expensive, and people may not be aware that they will need assistance until it is too late to qualify for the coverage.

Foundations whose mission is to improve access to healthcare are increasingly aware that it is difficult for seniors and their families to identify the services that might be available to meet their needs, even when cost is not a factor.

The mission of the Donaghue Foundation ( is to make grants to support medical research with a practical benefit. This summer, they plan to award 2-year grants to up to 6 projects intended to collaborate with existing agencies, such as an Area Agency on Aging, to identify programs and services that can improve the qualify of life and care for the elderly population in nursing homes or other care facilities.

The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation ( made a grant in excess of $1 million to Johns Hopkins-Bayview Medical Center to provide support to family caregivers.  Their “Called to Care” program is intended to help prepare and support individuals who are caring for loved ones, with services such as an informational podcast series, and booklet and partnerships with local agencies.

These studies are a  good start at identifying what services do the best job of improving the qualify of life for this population, and disseminating the information to the people who need it.

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