The Life Care Living Law Firms Association

Discovering the Life Care Planning Law Firms Association (“LCPLFA”)  almost three years ago helped me define the way in which I would be serving seniors and their families in my practice of law.  The members of the LCPLFA  are committed to  “helping clients and their families navigate the long term care and healthcare system and advocate for good care during their  – or their loved one’s – journey through the elder care continuum.”  (  This organization has provided me with a wealth of information and tools to enhance my ability to fulfill this mission for my clients and their families.

This past weekend, the Board of Directors of the LCPLFA met to review our mission, vision and most recent strategic plan to make sure that we are on the right track.  We all agreed that we are absolutely committed to our interdisciplinary practice model, which enables us to use the expertise of both human services and legal professionals to solve the challenging issues that confront our aging clients and their families.  Many members of our organization are including additional professionals, such as insurance experts, on their teams, to assure the most comprehensive solutions possible.   We spent much of our time together discussing how we might educate our communities and potential clients about the availability of this planning model, as opposed to seeking a specific transaction or document, or waiting until it is too late to do much advance planning.

Once our facilitator synthesizes the notes she took on dozens of flip chart pages and develops the draft of our plan for the next 3 years, I look forward to enhancing my own practice, so I can provide even more value to the seniors and their families whom I have the privilege of serving.

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