Top Ten Myths of Medicare DeBunked

Thanks to my colleague, Ike Devji, JD, Executive VP of the Wealthy 100, for sending me the link to this excellent article by Professor Richard Kaplan of the University of Illinois College of Law, in which he debunks these common myths about medicare: (1) there is one Medicare program, (2) Medicare is going bankrupt, (3) Medicare is government health care, (4) Medicare covers all medical cost for its beneficiaries, (5) Medicare pays for long-term care expenses, (6) the program is immune to budgetary reduction, (7) it wastes much of its money on futile care, (8) Medicare is less efficient than private health insurance, (9) Medicare is not means-tested, and (10) increased longevity will sink Medicare.”>

With Medicare so much in the news, it’s important to know what is really true.

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