Veterans Benefits Arizona

The United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) offers a broad range of services and benefits for veterans of all ages. Unfortunately, many older veterans and their families do not use these services because they don’t realize that the services exist or that they may qualify for the benefits. Veterans Benefits Attorneys specialize in this area.

Requirements for benefits have changed from time to time. Some benefits today do not require a service-related injury, although co-payments may be required for health services to veterans whose family income and assets exceed VA limits. In addition, the Veterans’ Administration frequently updates the list of disabilities that are considered service-related and the process by which a veteran can qualify for them.

Veterans benefits that may apply to your family include:Arizona Veterens Benefits

  • Respite care to relieve family caregivers of veterans with dementia.
  • Medical care for eligible veterans who served during war times.
  • Disability compensation for veterans with service-related injuries.
  • Non-service connected pension for low-income disabled veterans or their widowed spouses who served during war times.
  • Aid and Attendance for eligible veterans or their widowed spouses who are homebound or in need of the regular aid and attendance of another person.
  • Burial benefits for eligible veterans.
  • Death pension for low-income surviving spouse and dependents of veterans who served during war time.

Marsha Goodman, an Elder Law Attorney, understands the various VA programs and their eligibility requirements, and can review a veteran’s records to identify those benefits that may be available to your family. Marsha Goodman is a Veterans Benefits Attorney accredited by the VA to assist in the preparation and presentation of claims for VA benefits.