Veterans Care Financial Protection Act Sent to the President

In a rare show of bipartisan support, the Veterans Care Financial Protection Act has been sent to President Trump.

The objective of this bill is to prevent unscrupulous organizations and individuals from taking advantage of veterans with the promise of qualifying them for Aid and Attendance benefits.

For example, these organizations may encourage veterans to transfer their assets into irrevocable trusts so that they will qualify for these benefits, without regard to its impact on the veteran’s ability to qualify for Medicaid, if that benefit is also required.

The Bill states that ” the Secretary of Veterans Affairs shall work with the heads of Federal agencies, States, and such experts as the Secretary considers appropriate to develop and implement Federal and State standards that protect individuals from dishonest, predatory, or otherwise unlawful practices relating to increased pension.”

In other words, even if the bill is signed, lots of work will be required in order to implement its intent.


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