World Health Organization Focus on Aging

The theme of World Health Day this past Saturday was “Good health adds life to years.” ( I was pleased to see the focus on aging well and the challenge to stereotypes about elders. The article described the need to ensure that people are living healthier, as well as longer lives, as a public health issue that the World Health Organization (WHO) has identified as a priority.

Though the catalyst for retaining a life care planning law firm may well be a precipitating event such as a sudden or worsening illness, the benefit is that people get the help they need to find the best possible care, in the least restrictive environment, and assistance with accessing resources to pay for it. By bundling asset protection, public benefits qualification, care coordination, long-term care advocacy and crisis intervention services, people can live healthier and longer lives. The opportunity for improved quality of life and lower costs to society as a whole are enhanced.

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